Custom Apparel & Promotional Products for All Industries

We work with anyone who needs help, no matter how big or small, we do it all. We build brands with fresh looks & exclusives branded gear. Don’t just take our word for it, our clients will tell you the same.

Turn-Key Merch Booth Service for Events & Festivals

Our Turn-Key Merch Booth Service offers 100% of the profit and ZERO of the headache. We’ll help stuff your pockets while you sit back and just let us do what we know best. With over 20 years experience & 8,000 events under our belt, we are the at the top for a reason!

Any Size, Any Style Event, Concert & Festival Merch Provider

ALL events are STARs to us! Let’s us help OUTFIT your event or festival with our fresh and always trending items today! Go one step further and let us do the whole thing. 


Custom Sales

We have decades of industry experience and use top of the line equipment & presses.

We focus on Screen printing, Embroidery, Heat Transfers, Sequins, and Promotional items; basically anything you have seen in boutiques or shops we have the capability of printing. 

We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries on garment embellishments.

Whether its t-shirts for ball clubs, school groups. or Church programs; we will have no problem accommodating your custom needs! 

Onsite Event Merch Booth Service

One of the largest on-site event merchandisers in the country.

On-site at over 400 events a year for the last twenty years.

Zero expense to event producer with a proven system to maximize sales.

Payment to event producer is 100% profit.

Sales team goes through training program on how to up-sell customers to maximize profits.

Always on time with a professional look, once set up time is established, our team shows up on time every time.

At the completion of the event, we tear down without
the need for any assistance.

We are management professionals; we wake up every day with the goal to maximize revenue at our partners events.

Comprehensive sales data that allows us to maximize the revenue of the product line.

Continuous education that helps us stay current with the newest technology and trends.


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